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Earrings Chaumet Hortensia

Earrings Chaumet Hortensia 18 kt Rose Gold

As a tribute to Empress Josephine, a radiant woman who was passionate about the beauty of flowers and the magic of gardens, the Hortensia collection lends profusion of color and generosity of form to both jewelry and high jewelry pieces.

Hortensia (hydrangea) - at first glance, a simple flower, but in it, as in every plant, lies a certain charm. Openwork bouquets of miniature inflorescences, the petals of which differ from each other in size and shape, make up lush spherical compositions. Their color (which sometimes changes from one to another) and the number of petals depends on the country of growth. Wherever the hydrangea grows, its inflorescences look like festive fireworks.

  • Ident Number: 082493-000
  • Earrings Chaumet
  • Material: 18ct Rose Gold 100%
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