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Necklace Pasquale Bruni Ton Joli

Necklace Pasquale Bruni Ton Joli XL in 18k Rose Gold with Onyx, White and Champagne Diamonds

"Happiness in the rose gold of a flower, the character of a gem, the femininity in the soft light of a leaf, Ton Joli!" Eugenia Bruni.

Ton Joli maintains the delicate faceting of the taglio Bon Ton, an exclusive Pasquale Bruni patented cut. The collection reinterprets the five-petals iconic flower of the Maison in new sophisticated proportions. Gems blend into a rose gold flower, wrapped in a leaf of white and champagne diamonds.

Onyx represents land and strength, the very intensity of being. The black gem is a symbol of elegance and confidence in the balance of the most generous femininity.

*Handmade jewellery Pasquale Bruni made in Italy with artisanal techniques and each creation is truly unique. For this reason, carats and gold weight can slightly vary.

  • Ident Number: 15584R
  • Necklaces Pasquale Bruni
  • Material: 18kt Rose Gold 100%
  • Chain length: 89 cm
  • Champagne Diamonds: 18 stones
  • Champagne Diamonds carat: 0,16 ct
  • White Diamonds: 5 stones
  • White Diamonds Carat: 0,05 ct.
  • Onyx, Flower Size 40 mm
  • Product weight: 12,31g
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