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Perfume Chopard Magnolia Bliss

Perfume Chopard Happy Chopard Magnolia Bliss EDT 100 ml

Flowers, citrus fruits, leaves, spices - nature abounds in uplifting aromas. HAPPY CHOPARD compositions are high quality fragrances that bring a smile to the lips. HAPPY CHOPARD MAGNOLIA BLISS is a mildly soothing floral elixir infused with delicate Chinese magnolia and exquisite osmanthus, ethically sourced natural ingredients. Sichuan pepper flowers and pale wormwood invite you to relax. Let this luxurious composition bring you a lot of positive emotions!

TOP: bergamot, cardamom, mandarin orange, pink grapefruit
HEART: magnolia, osmanthus, Sichuan pepper
BASE: cedar and vetiver

  • Ident No: 95201-0445
  • Perfume Chopard

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