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TV Beovision Eclipse Bang & Olufsen 2 Gen

TV Beovision Eclipse Bang & Olufsen 2 Gen Beovision Eclipse 2 Gen Bang & Olufsen is a true OLED 4K HDR TV. The magic of the self-emitting OLED pixels is their ability to turn on and off individually to reproduce absolute black and infinite contrast, the most important aspects of your viewing experience. With the world’s finest TV sound system, Beovision Eclipse TV is designed to integrate beautifully with your lifestyle. OLED 4K HDR with Dolby VisionTM. Available in 55" and 65". SOUND The integrated speaker system holds a powerful 450 watts 3-channel setup with the ability to outperform even the most potent soundbar on the market. Expect an exceptional sound performance that brings your viewing experience to a new and exciting level. Bass equaliser: Adaptive Bass Linearisation Amplifier: 1 x 50 watts for centre tweeter 2 x 50 watts for fullrange driver 3 x 100 watts for midrange/woofer Driver units: 1 x 1" tweeter 2 x 2.5" fullrange drivers 3 x 4..

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