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You can check out the full range of CHOPARD ™ products in our shop on Elizabetes iela 69 in Riga, as well as in our new online shop which we opened for your comfort, where you can purchase your desired products with just a few clicks.

CHOPARD collections – real find for people with sophisticated taste! For already 150 years Chopard is creating watches and jewelry, during this time becoming one of the largest jewelry and watch brands in the world. Chopard Swiss watches are popular thanks to their subtle designs and the flawless precision. To ensure high quality products, Chopard constantly improves its manufacturing processes and passes on the secrets of craft to the next generation of craftsmen. Jewelry collections are created in collaboration with the most outstanding contemporary designers and world celebrities.

Check out the latest collections of Chopard watches, jewelry, bags, and stationery in the new online shop, where you can quickly and easily choose the product you like, as well as see these collections on-site in Chopard Boutique Riga, where, while choosing a gift for yourself or someone close to you, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a glass of champagne in a pleasant atmosphere.

When choosing jewelry from the online shop, it is possible to order online the required size of the chosen and agreeable engagement and wedding rings.

The products of Chopard collection are suitable for both delicate, artistic personalities and practical business people. The products emphasize its owner’s individual style and excellent taste.

Welcome to the World of Chopard Luxury!