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Bracelet Pasquale Bruni Petit Joli

Bracelet Pasquale Bruni Petit Joli in 18k Rose Gold with Green and White Agate, Onyx, Blue Moon (White Agate and Lapis Lazuli Doublet), Pink Chalcedony, Carnelian and Diamonds

"Be free and passionate like the magic of a wild meadow of colors in bloom." Eugenia Bruni

Petit Joli is a floral dream on your skin. The collection is designed for women always blooming in a free soul. This collection embodies the everlasting connection between nature and women. Flowers that take on the colours of the sky, space and earth. Colours with a bold, yet delicate personality.

Onyx represents land and strength, the very intensity of being. Green agate embodies the absolute energy of Mother Nature, a combination of power and protection. Pink chalcedony is born from the embrace that unites land and sky. Blue moon is the miracle of the sky, lapis and white agate in love bring light to the heart. Lunar light is in the warmth of the white agate with all its feminine power. Carnelian expresses love for the Earth, with intensity and gratitude.

*Handmade jewellery Pasquale Bruni made in Italy with artisanal techniques and each creation is truly unique. For this reason, carats and gold weight can slightly vary.

  • Ident Number: 16263R
  • Bracelets Pasquale Bruni
  • Material: 18kt Rose Gold 100%
  • Length: 18,5 cm
  • White Diamonds: 1 stone
  • White Diamonds carat: 0,02 ct
  • White Agate, Green Agate, Onyx, Pink Chalcedony, Carnelian, White Agate and Lapis Lazuli: Flower Size 12 mm
  • Product weight: 6,63 g
  • Bracelet circumference: 17 cm
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